Tip: Electronic Invoicing Can Make Things A Lot Easier

electronic invoice-benefitsSometimes it is those things that one may not even think of at first that can make a big difference when it comes to working faster and more effectively. If you own a business like I do you will certainly know what I’m talking about! One of those things that is always quite a pain in particular if you are providing services or sell goods is the entire invoicing process.

The first problem here is of course how long it can often take until your invoices are processed and paid by your clients.

If you are like me, you happen to print out invoices like everyone else and subsequently add them to your shipments.

In some cases you may even mail the invoices separately. No matter what, the mailing process alone will usually take a couple of days. For larger companies, conventional invoicing may add even more inconveniences. Some companies require staff just for this purpose.

Electronic invoicing on the other hand can solve all those problems!

I can use my company as an example of how electronic invoicing helped me to save costs and of time.

The major difference between a conventional invoice and an e-invoice is that you don’t need to mail the electronic invoice but send it by email to a cloud-based electronic invoice provider service. (This provider in turn processes your invoice and will send it to your recipient also). The entire process therefore takes only a few seconds, just as is the case with e-mail. So basically what this means is that you can create your invoice, send it off and have it paid in a matter of minutes.

One good thing about electronic invoicing is that you won’t have to change anything. You create your invoice as usual as a PDF file which you attach to the email. The electronic invoice provider will process the invoice for you and convert it into a digital format.

I can highly recommend that you look into e-invoices if not done so. It will save you a lot of time and can make things a lot easier!