The Best Destination for Golf Breaks: Biarritz in France

Know that Biarritz in South-Western France has not without a reason become the European hotspot for golf enthusiasts from all over the continent.

Today, Golf lovers visit from the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany or many other countries because they can find all they could wish for at this ever popular French vacation destination.

BiarritzAllow me to write a little about what’s so great about Biarritz.

For starters, Biarritz offers eight fantastically designed golf courses that can provide the golfer different challenges depending on their skills and personal playing preferences. Each of the courses has its own and very unique charm.

The eight courses in Biarritz are relatively close together and you will find plenty of first-class hotels to stay in their immediate vicinity. This makes it very easy for the golf vacationer to get to and from the courses without the need for lengthy walks and travels.

Seeing that the city has now become the Mecca for golfers you will find fantastic venues and clubs for your favourite sport wherever you go. If you need to rent equipment such as clubs or golf carts you would have troubles to find a place to help you out.

Travel providers today can offer complete packages for golf breaks in France that may include everything from the airport shuttles to the admission fees for the greens. Some of the better travel companies today offer custom tailored golf breaks in Biarritz. Those travel packages are great since they will allow the vacationer to plan the perfect golf break exactly how they like it.

With a custom-made golf break package you will be able to specify the type of hotel you want and you can let the travel provider now what else you intend to do while on your break. For instance, your golf holiday could include sightseeing day trips and guided tours. Those types of golf breaks will ensure that you will not miss any of the great sights and things to do while on your golf holiday in Biarritz.

If you love golf as much as I do you really want to check out Biarritz – this fantastic town is always worth a visit!