Holidays Without Compromises – On The Cheap!


Spending a week or two in a nice hotel at your favourite holiday location can sure come quite expensive, especially if you travel with the entire family!

Renting a holiday flat is likewise not always exactly cheap. Most of the time, spending a week in such an apartment can cost you the equivalent of an entire month’s rent back at home.

vw camperNow, you need to know that camping can be the ideal alternative for a perfect holiday if you want to save some money.

But before you say “Oh no! I really don’t want to spend my holiday time in a tent or a crammed camper, I really don’t like camping!” you want to hear me out!

I’m not talking about backpacking and having to spend your nights in a tiny tent. I’m talking about renting a comfortable and luxurious campervan that can offer you all the amenities which you would otherwise get if you were to rent a flat for a lot more money.

But compared to a holiday home or  staying in a hotel, getting yourself a campervan has a lot more advantages beyond your cost savings: If you travel by van you will have much better ways choosing your favourite destination, rather than depending on a hotel’s or your apartment’s location. How often can it happen that you booked an expensive hotel just to find out that will take you a 40 minute walk just to go down to the beach? What if you spend a few days at a place and then feel the itch for a change of scenery? With a campervan you can be anywhere you want in no time!

Camper vans are ideal for festivals and local attractions

Travelling with a nicely equipped van is also great if you love to visit festivals or attractions such as amusement parks. Be assured that any such places will almost always feature a nice camping site  close by where you can park the van and stay for any number of days. By doing this you will catch two flies at once: You do not have to stay in accommodations that are overpriced because of the ongoing event or location near local attractions, and secondly you don’t have to worry about all the hotels or short-term lets being hopelessly booked out!

Some people go so far as to purchase a campervan to take care of all their holiday accommodations. But you don’t have to buy a van because you can rent one anytime you want.  Get yourself a campervan for your next holiday travel and see what you have been missing!