Fitness Gyms in London: The Good And The Bad


Not all fitness gyms are equal and nowhere is this more obvious than in London.

Throughout the recent years, the fitness landscape in the British capital saw some major changes and not all of those changes had been good.

What happened is that large fitness gym chains had bought up many of the smaller gyms, followed by major advertising campaigns luring folks who want to do something for their fitness with often astonishingly low prices.

fitness-gymNot only do those large fitness gyms tempt people to join with low prices, they are now also getting rid of membership requirements as another incentive.

In theory, all this sounds nice and good because, let’s be honest, what can be better than if folks can save some money when they want to join a gym?

In reality however, things look quite different.

With the low prices for their gym memberships I see how the quality of those big gyms is often suffering. To me it seems as if those gym chains would make good for their low prices by cutting costs wherever they can.

Today you must be very fortunate if you find a large gym that have somewhat up-to-date modern fitness equipment. Worse even when it comes to service. Only a couple of years ago you could expect helpful staff  in pretty much any gym in London. If you needed help with your exercises you could get it, no question. There was always some helpful  gym staff member nearby. Today, they don’t really care and have gotten rid of most of their staff. Finding a qualified trainer today is almost impossible.

This is exactly why I avoid those large fitness gyms. If you ask me, I don’t really care whether I pay a couple of bucks more every month. I also don’t really care about a membership requirement since when I sign up with a good gym I also plan to go there for the foreseeable future. The most important thing for me is that I know and see that the gym I join is dedicated to its customers. With many of those recently opened gyms I cant really say that. My favourite gym in East London is still London Fields. If you want you can let us know about what other, good gyms are still in London.