Fitness Gyms in London: The Good And The Bad


Not all fitness gyms are equal and nowhere is this more obvious than in London.

Throughout the recent years, the fitness landscape in the British capital saw some major changes and not all of those changes had been good.

What happened is that large fitness gym chains had bought up many of the smaller gyms, followed by major advertising campaigns luring folks who want to do something for their fitness with often astonishingly low prices.

fitness-gymNot only do those large fitness gyms tempt people to join with low prices, they are now also getting rid of membership requirements as another incentive.

In theory, all this sounds nice and good because, let’s be honest, what can be better than if folks can save some money when they want to join a gym?

In reality however, things look quite different.

With the low prices for their gym memberships I see how the quality of those big gyms is often suffering. To me it seems as if those gym chains would make good for their low prices by cutting costs wherever they can.

Today you must be very fortunate if you find a large gym that have somewhat up-to-date modern fitness equipment. Worse even when it comes to service. Only a couple of years ago you could expect helpful staff  in pretty much any gym in London. If you needed help with your exercises you could get it, no question. There was always some helpful  gym staff member nearby. Today, they don’t really care and have gotten rid of most of their staff. Finding a qualified trainer today is almost impossible.

This is exactly why I avoid those large fitness gyms. If you ask me, I don’t really care whether I pay a couple of bucks more every month. I also don’t really care about a membership requirement since when I sign up with a good gym I also plan to go there for the foreseeable future. The most important thing for me is that I know and see that the gym I join is dedicated to its customers. With many of those recently opened gyms I cant really say that. My favourite gym in East London is still London Fields. If you want you can let us know about what other, good gyms are still in London.

Holidays Without Compromises – On The Cheap!


Spending a week or two in a nice hotel at your favourite holiday location can sure come quite expensive, especially if you travel with the entire family!

Renting a holiday flat is likewise not always exactly cheap. Most of the time, spending a week in such an apartment can cost you the equivalent of an entire month’s rent back at home.

vw camperNow, you need to know that camping can be the ideal alternative for a perfect holiday if you want to save some money.

But before you say “Oh no! I really don’t want to spend my holiday time in a tent or a crammed camper, I really don’t like camping!” you want to hear me out!

I’m not talking about backpacking and having to spend your nights in a tiny tent. I’m talking about renting a comfortable and luxurious campervan that can offer you all the amenities which you would otherwise get if you were to rent a flat for a lot more money.

But compared to a holiday home or  staying in a hotel, getting yourself a campervan has a lot more advantages beyond your cost savings: If you travel by van you will have much better ways choosing your favourite destination, rather than depending on a hotel’s or your apartment’s location. How often can it happen that you booked an expensive hotel just to find out that will take you a 40 minute walk just to go down to the beach? What if you spend a few days at a place and then feel the itch for a change of scenery? With a campervan you can be anywhere you want in no time!

Camper vans are ideal for festivals and local attractions

Travelling with a nicely equipped van is also great if you love to visit festivals or attractions such as amusement parks. Be assured that any such places will almost always feature a nice camping site  close by where you can park the van and stay for any number of days. By doing this you will catch two flies at once: You do not have to stay in accommodations that are overpriced because of the ongoing event or location near local attractions, and secondly you don’t have to worry about all the hotels or short-term lets being hopelessly booked out!

Some people go so far as to purchase a campervan to take care of all their holiday accommodations. But you don’t have to buy a van because you can rent one anytime you want.  Get yourself a campervan for your next holiday travel and see what you have been missing!

Tip: Electronic Invoicing Can Make Things A Lot Easier

electronic invoice-benefitsSometimes it is those things that one may not even think of at first that can make a big difference when it comes to working faster and more effectively. If you own a business like I do you will certainly know what I’m talking about! One of those things that is always quite a pain in particular if you are providing services or sell goods is the entire invoicing process.

The first problem here is of course how long it can often take until your invoices are processed and paid by your clients.

If you are like me, you happen to print out invoices like everyone else and subsequently add them to your shipments.

In some cases you may even mail the invoices separately. No matter what, the mailing process alone will usually take a couple of days. For larger companies, conventional invoicing may add even more inconveniences. Some companies require staff just for this purpose.

Electronic invoicing on the other hand can solve all those problems!

I can use my company as an example of how electronic invoicing helped me to save costs and of time.

The major difference between a conventional invoice and an e-invoice is that you don’t need to mail the electronic invoice but send it by email to a cloud-based electronic invoice provider service. (This provider in turn processes your invoice and will send it to your recipient also). The entire process therefore takes only a few seconds, just as is the case with e-mail. So basically what this means is that you can create your invoice, send it off and have it paid in a matter of minutes.

One good thing about electronic invoicing is that you won’t have to change anything. You create your invoice as usual as a PDF file which you attach to the email. The electronic invoice provider will process the invoice for you and convert it into a digital format.

I can highly recommend that you look into e-invoices if not done so. It will save you a lot of time and can make things a lot easier!

The Best Destination for Golf Breaks: Biarritz in France

Know that Biarritz in South-Western France has not without a reason become the European hotspot for golf enthusiasts from all over the continent.

Today, Golf lovers visit from the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany or many other countries because they can find all they could wish for at this ever popular French vacation destination.

BiarritzAllow me to write a little about what’s so great about Biarritz.

For starters, Biarritz offers eight fantastically designed golf courses that can provide the golfer different challenges depending on their skills and personal playing preferences. Each of the courses has its own and very unique charm.

The eight courses in Biarritz are relatively close together and you will find plenty of first-class hotels to stay in their immediate vicinity. This makes it very easy for the golf vacationer to get to and from the courses without the need for lengthy walks and travels.

Seeing that the city has now become the Mecca for golfers you will find fantastic venues and clubs for your favourite sport wherever you go. If you need to rent equipment such as clubs or golf carts you would have troubles to find a place to help you out.

Travel providers today can offer complete packages for golf breaks in France that may include everything from the airport shuttles to the admission fees for the greens. Some of the better travel companies today offer custom tailored golf breaks in Biarritz. Those travel packages are great since they will allow the vacationer to plan the perfect golf break exactly how they like it.

With a custom-made golf break package you will be able to specify the type of hotel you want and you can let the travel provider now what else you intend to do while on your break. For instance, your golf holiday could include sightseeing day trips and guided tours. Those types of golf breaks will ensure that you will not miss any of the great sights and things to do while on your golf holiday in Biarritz.

If you love golf as much as I do you really want to check out Biarritz – this fantastic town is always worth a visit!


Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea to Perform on 2014 Billboard Music Awards | Billboard

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards has a huge problem on its hands.

Breakout stars Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea will perform their hit single “Problem” at this year’s ceremony, being held on Sunday, May 18 in Las Vegas.

Azalea is also scheduled to perform her song “Fancy” during the live ABC telecast.

via Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea to Perform on 2014 Billboard Music Awards | Billboard.

Do You Know The Singing Waiters?

Getting the singing waiters to perform at your next party or wedding reception has recently become all the hype amongst party and wedding reception planners.  Once you saw the singing waiters in action you will certainly understand why they are so popular today.

singing-waiters-6The singing waiters are professional entertainers with many of them actors, singers or performers. You can hire them for all sorts of events, mostly such occasions like receptions or corporate events.

What’s cool about them is that they will attend your event in disguise so that no one of your guests will actually know about their presence – until it’s time for them to reveal themselves! This is often done at a special time at your party, say right after dinner or whatever other time may be suitable.

Normally they start out their performance by trying to get anyone’s attention at first. Say, they may start a loud, bogus argument, something like that. Once everyone is looking, music will come on and the singing waiters will start dancing and…well you guessed it..singing! Most of the time they can also get some of your guests to participate in their performance which makes it even more entertaining for everyone!

I’ve seen the singing waiters twice so far and every time I was blown away by them! All the party guests agreed with me that this is an awesome idea and it beats everything else you can do at your wedding reception or party by a long shot.

If you’re looking for something to truly woo your guests, check the singing waiters out and book them as soon as you can! Take my word, it will be an experience no-one will ever forget, they’re simply awesome!


Tom Cleverley enjoys round of golf with Manchester United trio Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville and Paul Scholes | Mail Online

Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley brushed off the disappointment of missing out on a place in England’s World Cup squad by enjoying 18 holes with three of his Old Trafford colleagues.

On the same day that he was named on the Three Lions’ stand-by list by manager Roy Hodgson, the 24-year-old took part in a United charity golf day with Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville and Paul Scholes.

Cleverley, who could yet earn a trip to Brazil if one of Hodgson’s midfielders is injured, was the subject of an online petition by fans who wanted him banned from England’s 23-man travelling party earlier in the season.

via Tom Cleverley enjoys round of golf with Manchester United trio Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville and Paul Scholes | Mail Online.